SE027_Lost in VR Spay Game_ft_Lily


TIME: 17 min
SIZE: 655 Mb
RESOLUTION: 1280×720


Lily is a spy. She dresses in a t-shirt, short jeans, boots, and a jacket. She wants to enter a secret room but she wants to be fully prepared so she decides to use a VR simulator to simulate all possibilities.

Sim #1:
She disguised herself as a room attendant. she enters the room, the villain grabs her from behind and knock her head, then grabs her head and do a neck snap…

Sim #2:
She opens the door quietly, and start checking the room. The villain goes out of the closet and grab her from behind. The villain then strangles her with hands. She fights by kicking and grabbing the villain’s hands but it gets slower and slower, finally lose all her strength and falls on the bed…

Sim #3,
She enters the room and looking for documents. But soon the villain shows up from behind and grabbed her from behind. Then she looks like she eats something which already in her mouth. It is a poison pill so she gets an immediate heart attack…

After these simulations, Lily finds that it is impossible to get in the room safely. So she decides to give up this mission. Nevertheless, the villain shows up. She tries to escape by crawling to another side of the bed but the villain jumps up and strangle her from behind…

Now it’s time for the villain to push VR glasses on…