SE028_Rita’s Adventure_ft Rita


TIME: 19 min
SIZE: 719 Mb
RESOLUTION: 1920×1080


Meet HAKO’s newest model Rita; a hot little package who really knows how to shake her booty.

Rita is at home wearing a pink crop top which shows off her slim body and taut abs, and matching skin-tight shorts which allow us to savour her tight little derriere. She even has pink eye shadow, which highlights her mischievous and naughty nature.

When the music starts, Rita really knows how to dance; enjoying herself, showing off every inch of her petite body, and satisfying the voyeuristic viewer.

Dancing is fun, but sometimes is missing. Rita cracks open a bottle of beer to make herself feel even better. At first, she drinks while she dances. But as the alcohol begins to take effect, the cute little girl starts to feel faint, and has to rest on the sofa for a bit. She tries to dance again, but in the end the beer does its job, and she slides into slumber.

When Rita awakens, she is unaware that there is a Bad Man in her apartment. He sneaks up behind her and hits her with a club. Rita’s head rolls and her eyes cross, but she isn’t unconscious yet. The Bad Man hits her two more times before she is out cold.

With Rita’s gorgeous body laid out on the sofa, the Bad Man lifts her limp limbs, and does eye checks. When Rita starts to wake up, he chokes her until she slides back into dreamland.

As if Rita wasn’t in enough trouble already, now the Bad Man ties her to the sofa, and enjoys the view of her helpless body.

Finally, he ties the girl on the sofa, and leaves her there.

Will anybody save the poor girl?