SE029_Lucy lost everything_ft_Lucy


TIME: 22 min
SIZE: 331 Mb
RESOLUTION: 1920×1080


Lucy is a super agent who can always recover from death. She is searching for a document. She is undercover so she wears a leather jacket, shorts, and boots.  She enters the target room. After few attempts, she finally finds the file. Unfortunately she is too happy to notice that this is a trap and someone is already there waiting for her. 

The guy walks out from behind and hit her head hard. She is stunned, surprised, then falls to the floor limp. The guy checks her breath and find that she is dead. What a weak agent. He closes her eyes and searching her body for ID. After confirmation, he plays with her limp body. Then he leaves Lucy alone to return the document to the original position.

Suddenly Lucy recovers from death and then open her eyes. Shen jumped up and try to get the document back. The guy finds out in time and bear hug her neck from behind. She fights fiercely but still getting weaker and weaker. Finally the guy snaps her neck. She is stunned and surprised for a few seconds, and then goes limp again with eyes opened. The guy then checks Lucy again, this time with breath and pulse at the wrist. She is dead, again. So he closes her eyes and limp play her body. He then moves her to the bed and takes off her boots. Then he plays her limp body for a while.

In the middle of the play, Lucy recovers again and slowly opens her eyes. This time she is very weak and can only move slightly. The guy asks her why you can keep coming back, she said I’m a super agent and I can always recover from death. The guy then does a heavy punch on her stomach. She is too weak to take any damage and therefore she is dead again.

Then the guy remembers that he has a special poison for this. He put it on the cloth and then put it on her mouth. She slowly awakes and find that something is wrong, and asks what happened. The guy says now you are no longer super agent and I can kill you for real now. He then strangles her with bare hands. She fights fiercely at first, but soon her movement goes slower and slower and then she stop moving with her hand still at the hands of the killer for few seconds, and then goes limp with one hand drops on the bed. The guy closed her eyes and does some final check to make sure she is dead forever, and then drag her body out of the room.