SE030_Party girl’s Good Friday_ft_Jamine


TIME: 16 min
SIZE: 708Mb
RESOLUTION: 1920×1080


After a fun night at the club, beautiful, bespectacled Jasmine stumbles into her immaculately kept home. Her little back dress is skin-tight on her beautiful body, and her matching black pantyhose show off her long legs. Having had too much to drink, she lurches unsteadily around the room on her high-heeled white pumps, until she simply passes out over the back of her sofa.

Moments later, a Bad Man enters the room. Who is he? Perhaps he saw her at the club, realised she was an easy target, and followed her home! Whoever he is, he clearly has sinister plans for the helpless girl!

He starts by laying her face down on the sofa and playing with her loose, limp legs. He removes her glasses, does eye-checks and face-play, and then swings her equally limp arms around. After a brief OTS carry, he returns the sleeping beauty to the sofa in a sitting position. He sits beside her and leans her body against his own. After a bit more limb play, he first lifts Jasmine with his arms around her belly so that she slumps forward, and then puts the raven-haired beauty over both shoulders for a fireman’s carry.

Next he lies her face-up on the sofa and removes her pumps. More limb play follows, and another fireman’s carry which causes Jasmine’s beautiful boobs to bulge in her tight little dress.

Finally, the effects of the drink start to wear off, and Jasmine begins to stir. Just as she comes to her senses and realises there is a stranger in the room with her, the intruder chloroforms her, and sends her back into dreamland. With poor, sweet Jasmine powerless once more, the Bad Man carries his gorgeous victim away to an uncertain fate!