SE031_Party girl’s Good Friday 2_ft_Jasmin


TIME: 14 min
SIZE: 477 Mb
RESOLUTION: 1920×1080


Jasmin is looking forward to more sexy fun, she arranges for a male friend to come over.

After finishing a phone call, she inhales deeply from a bottle of chloroform and sends herself to sleep!

Soon afterwards, a Man enters and finds her out cold on the sofa, with her long legs seductively crossed.

He first makes sure she really is out of it with a couple of arm drops, then moves her head from side-to-side and does some eye checks.

Content in the knowledge that the sleeping girl is off in the land of dreams, starts playing with Jasmine’s vulnerable body a bit more vigorously.

He sits beside her on the sofa, opens her legs, hefts her into a cradle carry, and then transitions into an over-the-shoulder carry, before placing the lovely, limp lady back on the sofa.

Next (the Friend/Man/Villain) lies the unconscious girl face-up along the length of the sofa, pulls off her long boots, and enjoys squeezing and playing with her stocking-covered feet.

He works his way up the length of Jasmine’s lovely, long legs and plays with them in several creative ways.

Having had his fun at that end, the Man now moves to the other end of the sofa to play with the helpless girl’s head, hair and face.

Finally, the Man puts Jasmine over his shoulders in a fireman’s lift, and carries the sleeping, sexy girl away!