SE032_Party girl’s Good Friday 3_ft_Jamine


TIME: 13 min
SIZE: 486 Mb
RESOLUTION: 1920×1080


Oh no! Gorgeous Jasmine is in trouble yet again!

Often, our helpless girls are knocked out and taken away by the bad guy at the end of the video. But this time, sweet Jasmine is unconscious right from the start!

Why? Did she have too much to drink? Did the Bad Guy spike her drink? We don’t know. But we do know that he’s going to have a lot of fun with her beautiful body!

The Bad Guy enters Jasmine’s apartment, with the lovely, limp lady over his shoulder. Jasmine might have been wearing more originally, but now she has been stripped down to just her white bra and her tight black micro shorts. (Think Harley Quinn!) As they come into the room, Jasmine’s high heels slide off her feet and fall to the floor.

With the sleeping girl over one shoulder, the Bad Guy spends some time playing with her limp feet, arms and hair with his other hand, before placing her (in a seated position) on the sofa. After playing with her loose arms, the Bad Guy sits the sleeping beauty on his lap for more limb play.

Next, the Bad Guy lies Jasmine along the sofa and plays with her long, pantyhose-clad legs.

No sooner does the Bad Guy leave her alone for a moment, than Jasmine starts to wake up. But that’s no problem because he immediately returns with a chloroform-soaked cloth to put her back to sleep. Here we enjoy a lovely close-up Jasmine’s eyes hazing over, above the cloth, above her generous cleavage.

What will happen to the poor girl next? All manner of things! Eye checks, limp play, leg lifts, a cradle carry, and another OTS carry.

Finally, the Bad Guy puts Jasmin back on the sofa and makes his exit, leaving the poor girl unaware of all the fun he’s had with her beautiful body.