SE033_Flight Attendant in Disaster Part1_ft_Suzuki


TIME: 23 min
SIZE: 807 Mb
RESOLUTION: 1920×1080


Sweet Suzuki enters her apartment in a light-coloured, short-sleeved shirt with matching silk scarf; tight, dark blue skirt; black pantyhose, and black high heels. She is an flight attendant. She’s had a hard day today, because she kicks off her shoes and slumps onto the sofa as soon as she walks in.
She gets a much better sleep than she expected, because no sooner has she rested her head against the cushions than a Villain (wearing a Pikachu balaclava!) pops up from behind the sofa and places a chloroform-soaked rag over her face. Suzuki struggles and kicks (showing an entitcing hint of up-skirt panties), but soon succumbs to the fiendish fumes.
A mouth check and limb-lifts ensue. The Villain raises the sleeping girl’s skirt, rools her over, and spanks her gorgeous derriere. And now we find out that Suzuki is in even more trouble than we thought. The Villain has a Friend! Together, they carry the helpless girl into the bedroom.
Once there, the Friend leaves, and the Villain lies next to his damsel in distress. He lifts her arms and stocking-clad legs, plays with one of her feet, and caresses her generous breasts. At one point, he even sits astride her helpless, limp body!
The Villain now brings out a pair of fur-lined cuffs, and the sleeping girl spends a bit of time with her hands cuffed first in front, and then behind her back. As Suzuki starts to recover, he gets out the chloroform cloth and sends her back to dreamland.
Having had as much fun as he can with his victim fully dressed, it is now time to undress her! He removes Suzuki’s shirt and skirt, and discovers that she is wearing a sexy black rubber bustier underneath. And it turns out that the panties we caught a glimpse of earlier are just a g-string! (She might be a kinky girl at heart, but if she knew how much perverted fun the Villain was having with her helpless body, she would be horrified!)
The Villain places Suzuki face down, and uses the cuffs to secure her ankles, and enjoys playing her feet again. He then slides her knees forward, which has the effect of elevating her beautiful butt. Now he ties her hands behind her with a length of rope.
What will he do to the poor girl next?