SE034_Flight Attendant in Disaster_Part2_ft_Suzuki


Length: 20 minutes
Size: 483 MB
Format: M4V
Resolution: 1290×1080


Having placed Suzuki in a kneeling position with her butt in the air, the Villain forces her to drink some alcohol, and covers her mouth until she swallows it all down.
When she is lying face up, the Villain slaps her to alertness, only to put her back to sleep, this time with gas pumped through an oxygen mask pressed over her face. Suzuki tries to resist, but her eyes roll back and she surrenders to the fumes. As she slumbers in a state of semi-consciousness, the Villain rests his head against her beautiful chest. He then straps the mask onto her so that she stays asleep while he has more fun with her helpless body.
First, he sits over her and plays with her feet again, then he then he lies beside her and plays with her big boobs.
A bit later, the Villain (now with his mask pulled back) sits against the bedhead, with Suzuki leaning against him, and attempts to hypnotize her with a swinging pendant. When she resists, he discards the pendant and instead jabs her in the neck with a syringe. Suzuki’s body jerks up in response, then sinks down into sleep immediately. After playing with her beautiful breasts again, the Villain wakes her for a second attempt at hypnosis. This time he succeeds.
With the helpless girl now under his control, the Villain unties Suzuki’s wrists and gets her to first perform some dance movements for him, and then makes her drink more alcohol. After making Suzuki freeze like a statue, he puts the oxygen mask over her head, sends her back to sleep, and ties her wrists again. He strokes Suzuki’s luscious long legs and indulges in a bit more foot worship before folding her legs and moving with her in a very sexually suggestive manner.
The Villain finally takes off his mask, removes the gas mask from Suzuki’s face, and after some eye checks, undoes the rope binding her wrists and the cuffs on her ankles.
Now the Villain produces a gun! He orders Suzuki to stand up, and she follows him out of the bedroom to whatever future he has planned for her…