SE038_Black and White All Over_ft_Jasmin


TIME: 12’45”
SIZE: 435Mb
RESOLUTION: 1920×1080


Our smoking hot model Jasmine looks stunning in her little black dress. It matches her black stockings and her long, lush jet-black hair. Her white pumps match her painted white fingernails, and her sexy white bra, which we’ll be seeing more of soon!

But we’re not done with the colour co-ordination yet. To make things even better, a Bad Boy (also wearing black) sneaks up behind the big-breasted beauty and hits her over the head – several times! As Jasmine’s eyes cross and she slumps back onto the sofa, her dress rides up to reveal her purple panties.

The Bad Boy picks Jasmine up in a cradle carry and bumps her head against the wall. Then he stands her on the ground, and supports the swaying, semi-conscious girl, until his accomplice, a Bad Girl in short shorts, arrives to take over.

Poor Jasmine gets no more mercy from the fairer sex. The Bad Girl bumps her head into the wall again! Then she lays Jasmine on the sofa for some face-play and limb lifts.

Next, the Bad Girl pulls off Jasmine’s little black dress, and spends some time jiggling and squeezing her big, beautiful boobs and bootylicious butt.

Now that the Bad Girl has had her fun, the Bad Boy returns. He lifts the dazed girl up for a cradle carry and then and OTS carry, and hits her over the head a couple more times with a hairbrush.

Finally, he leads the way out of the room. Dazed and confused, Jasmine follows after him, only to have the door slammed in her face! The bad guys make their getaway as poor, sexy Jasmine, in only her skimpy lingerie, lies sprawled, eyes crossed, on the floor…