SE16_The Sleeping Cheerleader_ft_Kaia


TIME: 17 min
SIZE: 767 Mb
RESOLUTION: 1920×1080



This film contains: OTS carry, knock out, bare feet, chloroform, lingerie, limp fetish, limb manipulation,eye-crossing, eye check

Kaia is a Cheerleader who has good shape and a pair of long legs. Now she is doing some exercise and stretching at home. Her head is so full of the show in the coming week that did not realize there’s a villain has hidden in her house and watched her for a while.
The villain walks to Kaia, hit her head from the side… Her eyes start crossing, her body becomes limp and soft… she soon falls toward the villain’s arm…
Kaia looks sleeping heavily, her skin touched like silk. The villain starts playing her limp body. Her body is just flexible, so he makes her various positions…
The villain even invites his mate to play Kaia together…The female villain takes off Kaia’s sweat and changes cloth for her…