SE35_Leather & Lightening Gothic Girls_ft_Fujiko & Hanako


TIME: 11.5 min
SIZE: 431Mb
RESOLUTION: 1920×1080


Our story begins with two Goth Girls, clad in matching leather outfits and formidable leather boots, walking and talking. But these aren’t ordinary goths; these girls work for a Secret Sinister Organisation, and their fanatical adoration for their Dear Leader can send them into a frenzy of excitement!

When their dream of the Organisation’s impending world domination is interrupted by a Young Boy and his pet Pokemon, they are angry. And when the Boy challenges them, asking if they’re up to no good, they are furious. But when the Boy concludes that it’s time to teach them a lesson, the haughty Girls tremble in fear, because they know what the Pikachu is capable of. A moment later they are shaking in pain as bolts of electricity blast through their helpless bodies!

When the Girls recover, they strip off their shirts and coats, revealing their (short sleeve, thigh-length) catsuits, and once again get aroused at the thinking about all that their Evil Organisation and Wonderful Leader will accomplish!

They then attack the Boy with a flurry of punches, but he easily avoids every blow and counterattacks. Now that he knows how evil the Girls are, even when they are on the ground, he continues to punch and kick them, knowing they deserve to be punished. The Girls writhe in pain in their figure-hugging suits!

Never underestimate the power of fanaticism, though. When the defeated Girls are foolish enough to attack again, the heroic Boy pushes them back onto the sofa. Unfortunately, they land on his beloved Pikachu, who promptly electrocutes them again.

When the Girls finally realise that they are no match for the Young Boy, they try to act all sweet and seductive. But he isn’t going to fall for their devious act. After beating them up again, he sprinkles water on them to enhance the effect of yet another burst of Pikachu lightning, which has them shaking and screaming, and leaves them exhausted and completely defeated.

Finally, the Evil Girls have been properly punished!