SE36 Chloroform Chunli cosplay_ft_Fujiko


TIME: 10″45′
SIZE: 321Mb
RESOLUTION: 1920×1080


Most HAKO villains are obviously bad. They wear masks, break into pretty girls’ apartments, knock them out, and do all sorts of fiendish things to them!
But Evan, a professional photographer, with his charming smile and friendly manner, seems like the nicest guy a girl could hope to meet. So beautiful model Fujiko believes that he is totally trustworthy. If only someone had told the poor girl how deceitful HAKO villains can be!
When Fujiko turns up at Evan’s studio, in her tight purple singlet and short black shorts that show off her long legs, she has no clue of the dastardly fate that lies in store for her. Evan invites her in, and as she looks around the house, Evan sneaks up behind her and chloroforms the clueless girl.
This might be one of the best chloroform scenes we’ve ever done. As Fujiko sinks to the floor, Evan sits down with her, wrapping his legs around hers, so that she can’t escape his grip. As the drug takes effect, Evan holds Fujiko’s eyelids open, so that we can see her eyes slowly cross as she sinks into dreamland.
Evan caries his limp victim to the couch, where he does eye-checks, face-play and limb-play.
When Fujiko wakes up a while later, she has no idea what happened. Evan brushes off her questions, passes her costume bag, and tells her to get changed.
Soon afterwards, things are going fine. Fujiko is striking a variety of sexy poses in her Chun Li outfit, as Evan moves around taking photos of her. Everything is going the way she expected it to. But of course, Evan is a HAKO villain, so it isn’t long before things start going badly for Fujiko.
Evan moves behind her for more photos, and we get another good chloroform scene. This time, as they go to the ground, the Fiendish Photographer is kneeling behind her, so Fujiko kicks her lovely long legs in protest. During Fujiko’s helpless struggle, her Chun Li dress, with its high thigh splits, rides up to reveal her panties and firm butt. And soon enough, she is asleep again.
Evan again indulges in eye-checks, face-play, and limb-play, but this is only the first part of his plan!  What will happen to poor Fujiko next?!?

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