SE37_Chloroform Chunli cosplay 2_ft_Fujiko


TIME: 12’48”
SIZE: 321Mb
RESOLUTION: 1920×1080


Having enjoyed playing with Carli’s face and upper limbs, Evan now spends some time lifting, folding, and caressing the costumed cutie’s long legs, until it is time to move on to the next stage of his evil plan.

Evan rolls Carli over, and starts to tie her up! He crosses her forearms behind her back and, rather than using one Velcro cuff on each wrist, be cleverly wraps both cuffs around both arms, so that both her forearms, from wrist to elbow, are inescapably restrained. He then cuffs her ankles, before he has another good idea. He threads the long chain of the ankle cuffs under the wrist cuffs, and now the poor girl is hogtied!

A tied up girl, when she is awake, can still talk, and Evan really has no interest in hearing anything that Carli might want to say. So he finishes the job with a pretty pink ballgag.

A while later, Carli wakes up on the sofa. As she slowly becomes aware of her situation, panic and despair set in. But she is powerless to do anything about it! Naturally, her first reaction is to struggle against her bonds. It’s completely futile. The bonds are tight, and this girl is going nowhere.

Even though Carli has no hope of escape, Evan chloroforms her again. This girl came here to be photographed as Chun Li, and that’s what is going to happen. She didn’t know that she would be unconscious and tied up at the time, but that isn’t Evan’s problem. He gets his camera, and takes more photos of his sexy, sleeping victim.